We Need You Too: A reminder from a stepmom to her hubby on her stepdaughter’s graduation day

My stepdaughter graduates today.

Even though I am really excited for her and for her future, I could honestly do without her graduation festivities.

We flew from Indiana to Oregon where my stepdaughter lives with her mom.

I’m pretty excited about seeing a new area of the country, but I won’t be able to relax and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere until after the graduation.

Why? Because no matter how much praying and self-talk I do, I still feel awkward, angry for many reasons, and awkward in some way when I am around my stepdaughters mom.

My husband, Jimmy, is always supportive of me in all situations. But, when we are in the presence of her, I know he is doing everything he can to remain kind and respectful for his daughter’s sake.

No one would blame him for taking advantage of the situation and unleashing on her after all he has been through, but he would never do that. And I respect that.

Still, it doesn’t mean that I don’t think about doing the same thing. And, I think I could get away with it a little bit easier.

But, that’s not what would be best for my stepdaughter or anyone else. Yes, it would make me feel really good for a short time, but in the end, it wouldn't be worth it.

I’m not great with expressing my feelings.

I definitely don’t want to cause extra stress to my husband’s already stressful situation.

But, I know I have to give him a heads up about how I am feeling.

So, I’ve written him a short poem.

Wish me luck. My next post will let you know how the graduation unfolded.

One thing is for sure, I feel better just writing my feelings down. I would recommend it to any stepmom who feels frustrated but doesn’t know how to express it.

Click here to read my poem: https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/81590b3d-7d1e-455b-bf93-3159b6440fe9

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