Are you interested in having me speak at one of your events?

I have a multitude of topics that I love to talk about! I've listed just a few below:

  • Anatomy of a Prepared Patient: Learn the secrets to proactively prepare for you or someone important to you to be a patient. At some point in our lives, we will all experience the crazy and confusing healthcare maze as a patient. I will give you important and concrete ways that you can be prepared so that when the time comes, you can concentrate on important things like getting healthy again!
  • Injury Prevention: As a trauma nurse, I have developed a passion for educating others about injury prevention. In the healthcare setting, there is no such thing as an accident. There is always an explanation for circumstances that result in injury AND specific ways that the circumstance could have been prevented...and injuries avoided. I will give you specific injury prevention strategies that you can implement to decrease you and your families chances of being involved in a situation that could cause pain, disability, or death. Examples include: Teen Safety Driving, Infant and Child passenger safety, Medication Administration, Holiday Mishaps, preparing your home for safety, and many more topics.
  • Dealing with Divorce and/or adultery: ┬áDivorce can be extremely difficult, especially if trust has been betrayed and children are involved. But there are specific interventions that can help you manage your life as you prepare to conquer the challenges ahead, maintain your mental health, preserve the energy to care for your children both physically and mentally as they adjust to the changes around them, and actually experience excitement as you learn to love the adventure.
  • Marriage after divorce and blended families: Regardless of the circumstances leading to a second (or third) marriage, the union of marriage is still intended by God to be a holy union of committed individuals. It's important to learn from your past, set expectations of yourself and a future spouse, continue to cultivate open and respectful relationships with your children, and listen to God for direction in every situation. Statistics for second marriages are concerning and that means you have to proactively prepare for the mental and social situations that can occur between spouses, children, and all others involved. I have experienced all of the above and have specific tips that can help you deal with all of the trials that you will experience as you find love again and combine families together.
  • Wake up the virtuous woman inside of you and change the future stories your daughter will tell: Your daughter watches everything you do...good and bad. Most of the time, as mothers we don't even realize the things that could be impacting the way our daughters' think, process life, and react in the future. I can guide you through a self-evaluation process that will open your eyes to opportunities to make some small changes in your life that will have a major impact on the future of your daughter.