“I can’t wait to get married, divorced, and remarried so I can be a stepmom”…said no bride EVER!

I've been organizing this thing that I'm calling The Online Stepmom Summit to take place from April 11-April 15. It's like a conference that would generally be held at a convention center for a day but, instead of physically going to the conference, the speakers will be presented daily through an email to the registrants. The videos can be viewed from the comfort of your own home and in your pajamas if you desire!


Because as a stepmom, I've recognized the need for positive, relatable, and applicable information and guidance for stepmoms.

Divorce, remarriage, and stepparenting is not as archaic a concept as it used to be. Still, support for stepmoms is still considered unimportant or even taboo depending on the culture, religious affiliation, or community in which a stepmom lives.

Divorce statistics vary significantly. It is still reported that 50% of marriages result in divorce. But, there are many who don't agree with this statistic because it is based on the decade of the highest divorce rates, which was in the 1970's, and the collection tools that are used vary so much from state to state. We do know that each decade since that time, the percentage has decreased.

Regardless of the exact number, I personally know that if it happens to your own marriage, it is life-changing.

And, if I actually picture 10 of my friends standing in a line, and I knew that, possibly, 5 of their marriages would end in divorce, I would bring an army of therapists and tissues for some intense "come to Jesus" talks.

Unfortunately, we don't tend to think about those statistics when we are planning weddings, buying dresses, and admiring engagement rings.

We don't purchase our wedding dress based on the style we want to wear for our first or second weddings-or perhaps even our third!

Just as we don't plan for divorce, we don't plan to be stepmoms.

But we are stepmoms, and we need some guidance.

I've brought the therapists, experts, coaches, speakers, and authors together in multiple video interviews based on the many different topics that stepmoms face.

And, it's all in one spot-totally free.

You can watch them while your cooking, working out, on lunch break, or under your covers late at night when everyone else is asleep.

However you decide to watch them, just promise me you will watch them. Because you will benefit from a multitude of things in each interview and you will realize that you are not alone.

Monday, April 4th, registration for this event will begin. You can register at the stepmomsummit.com, and you will automatically receive a welcome email explaining the whole process.

I'm not yet able to review to you the specific speaker and topics of the Online Stepmom Summit due to certain agreements made, but I just couldn't wait any longer to reveal the concept...and I'm crossing my fingers that I won't get into trouble!

So, put it on your calendar to do first thing Monday morning.

P.S. Pass this along to any other stepmoms who you know. Like I said, registration isn't open yet but, this way, you and your stepmom friends can be the first to get into the summit and have your names put into the drawings for the cool giveaways (oops...I wasn't supposed to tell you that either!).

See you there!




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