Dear teenage girl…how you know for sure she is your bff, and why you should cherish her

Dear Teenage girl,

I know what you think because I’ve been there.

“I’m still so young. I have so much time to build relationships and meet new people. The friendships I have now are important, but I can’t wait to get to college and eventually begin my career. I'm confident that I will meet many new people and form lifelong friendships.”

Let me tell you that is true to a certain degree.File Feb 25, 9 17 54 PM

You will meet a lot of new people in your future worldly adventures.

And you will form new friendships that will last a lifetime.

But don’t be fooled, in some ways, they won’t ever compare.

I’m asking you to take a step back from the busyness of school, your social life, and your boyfriend to take a moment and think about the special friendships you have right now in your life.

You know who I am talking about. Their faces come to mind as soon as I asked you to picture them.

Cherish these girls and these friendships.

Respect and honor them now, so you have strong and reliable support systems later.

Wrap up every little mGrace and Samemory you have with them, and put them in a special place in your memory bank, because they will be a major part of your life that you will reflect on later.

And, I promise, if you do this, when you are at your wits end with your kids, and you don’t feel appreciated by your husband or your boss at times, they will be the ones that you call.

When you get bad or potentially scary news from your doctor, they will be the ones to drop everything and be by your side.

When you want so badly to cry but you can’t because you have to remain the strong one in your family, they will be the familiar voice who welcomes and wipes your tears.

And when you have successes to celebrate, they will be the ones there throwing you the party with no strings attached or jealous intentions.

Top 21 ways you know she is your BFF:

1. You would both change your whole class schedule to have the same lunch (even though it ends up being 15 minutes out of your entire day anyway…every minute together counts)

2. When your mom does laundry, she has a designated spot in the laundry room for your bff’s clothes that either you have worn or she has left behind

3. You have already picked out your future wedding colors based on your bff’s skin tone, so she looks awesome in her bridesmaid's dress

4. You could go to any restaurant in your town and order exactly what your bff would want without having to ask

5. When your mom goes grocery shopping, she always picks up your bff’s favorite breakfast cereal and late night snacks

6. When your grandma dies, she automatically sits with your family at the funeral

7. You can itch, pick, and chew on anything in front of them without judgment

8. When her family goes on vacation for a week, you immediately become anxious knowing how depressed you will be without her that whole time

9. You secretly hope that your bff’s boyfriend would do something horrible like cheat on her so you could have her back to yourself

10. You would consider framing your bff’s boyfriend making it seem as though he has cheated on her so you could have her back to yourself

11. You get mad at her when you make bad choices because she should have stopped you in the first place

12. When your bff misses school, you realize that there is no one else at school that you like

13. When another girl attempts to befriend your bff, you just laugh.

14. She knows everything about the first time you held hands with a boy, kissed a boy, and fell in love with a boy because she was in the backseat trying to like HIS best friend

15. Sometimes, when you are bored, you act like you are mad at her just to get her attention

16. You have spooned with her more than you probably ever will with anyone else

17. When a boy wants to date one of you, he understands the fact that you are both a package deal

18. When she gets grounded, your parents automatically ground you too

19. You get angry when you aren't your bff's lock screen on her phone

20. Your thumbprint is recognized on your bff's phone and vice versa

21. Only your bff understands your subtweets and everyone else gets tired of seeing them


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